Baby Brezza Formula Pro

formula pro

If I had a baby on formula, I would so buy the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and place it right next to my Keurig. The Formula Pro looks like a Keurig so it just looks cool on any counter top. Just like the Keurig, with the Formula Pro the hassle and time involved with preparing a bottle of formula is eliminated.

More Frozen Mania


Yesterday I shared one of the Frozen books I received from Disney Publishing Worldwide. Well since Frozen mania is here to stay for a while, I wanted to share a few more Frozen books that I received from Disney Publishing Worldwide. These books range in age appropriateness so your younger child all the way to […]

A Look into Disney’s “A Sister More Like Me” by Barbara Jean Hicks

sister more like me

Anything Frozen related is all the rage with little girls, boys and adults alike. The movie was wonderful but it left some of the audience wondering, what was Anna and Elsa’s relationship like for 13 years? If you are just a tad curious about the sister’s relationship and enjoyed the movie, then the book A Sister More Like Me, by Barbara Jean Hicks, answers those questions.

Disneynature’s “Bears” Documentary Review


Disneynature is releasing their 5th theatrical animal documentary, but this time the theme is brown bears Meant to educate the public about nature, Bears follows the life of an Alaskan mama bear, Sky and her 2 cubs, Scout and Amber. This gripping story draws you in as you watch this cute bear family fight for survival and get through the challenges of the first year of life.

My Brest Friend 3-in-1 Body Pillow for Pregnancy


My Brest Friend has made quiet a name for themselves due to their super-duper popular nursing pillow. You may still need to figure out the nursing pillow you need, but why get ahead of yourself and first get the support you will need during those 9 months of difficult nights of sleep. While it is not really 9 months, it might as well be because it certainly feels that long. The 3-in-1 Body Pillow by My Brest Friend claims to be the “softest, most comfortable and supportive body pillow.”

Turn your Handbag into a Diaper Bag

life in play1

Do you have a handbag you love and wish you could use it as a diaper bag? Thanks to Life in Play you can turn any tote or bag into an organized diaper bag. This insert is so easy to use, fill it with your baby essentials and slip it into any bag and you are ready to go. Your handbag must be at least 14 inches at the base and 10 inches in height to fit the Life in Play insert. Depth must be at least 3 inches or more but the larger the depth the greater ability you have to fit more things.

Hey Peninsula (SF Bay Area) Friends…Dorothy Returns!


THE “LEGENDS OF OZ EXPRESS” IS COMING TO HILLSDALE SHOPPING CENTER IN SAN MATEO! Dorothy, Toto and friends from LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY’S RETURN for a family-friendly tour and book drive this weekend, on Saturday, April 12th.

Cybex Solution X-Fix Booster Seat


The Cybex Solution X-Fix high-back, front facing booster seat had been on the US market for a few years then taken off and now is back again. This award-winning booster seat has just become available in the US and is worth investigating. The X-Fix caught my attention when I first laid eyes on it. This appealing booster seat almost looks futuristic.

Another Car Seat Recall


In March Graco went through a mass recall of car seats due to a buckle issue. As of April 3, Evenflo recalled 1.3 million car seats due to a similar issue as Graco. According to Evenflo, “…select models use a harness crotch buckle which may become resistant to unlatching over time, due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks) that are present in everyday use of the convertible car seat or harnessed booster by toddlers.

Brica Fold ‘n Go Travel Booster

brica fold

Travelling this summer? Need a booster that is compact to take with you and will allow your child to eat comfortably. The Brica Fold ‘n Go Travel Booster is a reliable, safe booster seat that you can take anywhere you go.

Ah Goo Baby Pacifier Tote Review


Started in 2005 by new parents, privately held company, Ah Goo Baby, has been providing “must-have” baby products to make life easier for parents and more comfortable for baby. Ah Goo Baby sent me The Pacifier Tote for review. Not one of my 3 kids were pacifier users but if you have a pacifier user, […]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Movie Review


I have said it before, I am not a movie critic, nor am I a movie buff but I appreciate a good movie when I have the patience to watch one. The hardest type of movie for me to watch are superhero or action flicks. Last night I was invited to an early screening of […]