The Gro Anywhere Blind by the Gro Company

gro anywhere

I had 2 children who had no problems sleeping in the light and then my 3rd came along. Her sleeping habits threw us for a loop. It took 3 months for my husband and I to realize that part of her sleeping issues were noise and light.

Peg Perego Book Pop-Up 3 Piece Stroller System

book pop up

Last month, Peg Perego debuted their sassy new stroller, the Book Pop-Up. Part of the Book collection of strollers, the it is aptly named because it folds inward, one-handed like a book and its pop-up open. Made in Italy, this 3 piece system includes the premium, aluminum chassis (stroller frame), folding bassinet and reversible seat but can also take the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat (sold separately).

Buggygear’s BuggyButler Stroller Organizer and Cooler

buggy butler

You may love your stroller but don’t you wish it had more than a cup holder if it even has a cup holder. Many strollers lack ample storage for parents things (keys, phone, water bottle etc.). Buggygear’s BuggyButler Stroller Organizer and Cooler is just the right thing you need to keep all your essentials at hand, plus more.

Review of 3 “Having a Ball” Toys by Bright Starts


I have always been a fan of Bright Starts and have owned many of their products over the years. Now that my children are older, we have not bought any new Bright Starts toys in a few years and we have been missing out! Recently I had the opportunity to review 3 of the “Having a Ball Collection” toys from Bright Starts.

August 22 – National Tooth Fairy Day!

NationalToothfairyDay (1)

The Tooth Fairy is getting cheaper – American children are getting about $3.40 per lost tooth this year. That’s down 8 percent from last year but still up 31 percent from the $2.60 left in 2011.

“Nipplegate” at Anthropologie


I love Anthropologie! That’s why the recent hot mess of Anthropologie angers me. Why did they have to tarnish their reputation?

Life Goes On…

As a stay at home mom of 3, the past 7 years of my life have been consumed with my children day in and day out. This month I started my youngest in part-time preschool and last week my boys started school (both are in elementary school). For the first time in 7 years I […]

Tea Collection’s Cool School Event (savings up to 25%)


Tea’s Cool School Event Begins Today—Save Up to 25%!

Mabel’s Label’s Ultimate Back to School Combo Pack Review & Giveaway


Earlier this summer, I introduced you to Mabel’s Labels, a company started by four moms in 2003. Award-winning Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of personalized labels for kids and adults.

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan


The Cosmopolitan is not only a drink, it is now a dream stroller by Mountain Buggy. Going outside of their box of all-terrain strollers, the Cosmopolitan is for the city mom who wants a luxurious stroller that is built to last.

Wean Green Glass Containers for your Baby Food


Wean Green was founded in 2008 by a mom who had a “passion for healthy living and happy babies.” She found a way to live her motto by creating Wean Green. Wean Green products are tempered glass containers (think baby food jars) that are made from “sustainable and infinitely recyclable material.”

Mom & Kids Kicked Out of Restaurant for this…


Have you read the latest controversy in the world of parenting? Last week, a Texan mom of 4 decided to take her children out to dinner, without her husband. As luck would have it, in the middle of the meal, her 4 month old needed a poopy diaper change.