Are you not sure what to buy for your newborn? Are you confused by the vast number of baby products that are out there? If so, then you are NOT alone! The baby world is an extremely scary world when you first dive into it. Four years ago I was in your shoes…I was pregnant and my husband and I had to put together our baby registry. We went to Babies R Us and the list they gave us confused us even more…we were lost! We had no idea what the difference was between the Fisher Price swings and the Graco swings. For that matter what’s the difference between a full size swing vs a cradle swing? There were so many products out there and it took us many hours of reading online and books before we figured out what we wanted vs what we needed.

Recently my cousin, whose wife is pregnant with their first baby asked me to send him a list of baby items that I recommend. I was happy to help them but I warned them that a lot has changed in 4 years. I have a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old boy and did not have to buy anything new for my second child so my baby gear/products are 4 years outdated. After much web searching and reading I realized that there are many sites out there that review products and provide great information but you have to do a lot of searching to find reviews and information on every different product that you need for a baby. Our goal is to help you on your search. You should only have to go to one site for a comprehensive review and links to the sites that exist for baby products. Soon to be parents have enough to worry about so we want to help make this an easier process for you.

A little about me…I am a stay at home mom, I love children and have an immense passion for creativity. Writing will allow me to pursue my creativity but also provide a site for new parents to get useful information.

Good luck on your new journey in life!