Amazon Mom

Did you know that as a new parent you can enroll in Amazon Mom for free. As a result you can get up to 30% off on diapers and wipes and free 2 day shipping for the first 3 months. ┬áThe free 2 day shipping is extended every time you spend $25 in the Amazon Baby Store. You automatically get 15% off on diapers and wipes as a member of Amazon Mom and then you get an additional 15% off when you enroll in the Subscribe & Save delivery. With Subscribe & Save you set up a regular diaper and wipes delivery for as frequent as you would like. This is an amazing time saver for busy families and new parents. You will never run out of diapers! Diaper or wipe delivery directly to your doorstep so you don’t have to drag your baby to the store for a last-minute diaper run is amazing. Just set up a schedule of what you want, how many and how often you want the diapers and wipes to come and you are set. I love this program!