New Parent Buying Guide

As a new parent you will need to make a few purchases…so the BIG question is…what do you REALLY need? Sleep? I wish I could give that to you. Since I can’t, I will give you a list of items that will help with your baby registry and shopping. You will add to this list as your baby starts teething, eating, playing, crawling,walking etc…

Can’t live without:
  • diaper pail or sealable trash can
  • diapers – disposable or cloth
  • wipes – buying in bulk will save you frequent trips to the store
  • stroller
  • car seat
  • baby bathtub – can eventually use a large sink or house bathtub but may be awkward to use these for a newborn
  • diaper bag – or any bag to carry baby items when on the go (most hospitals give one to parents when they leave)
  • towel – hooded or any soft towel
  • crib or bassinet or play pen/play yard – or your bed if you want to co-sleep
  • 2-3 sheets for the crib/bassinet/play pen – your baby will spit up or leak through their diaper
  • waterproof mattress protectors – protect mattress from leakage and spit up
  • diaper rash cream
  • digital thermometer
  • pain and fever reducer – Infant Tylenol or Advil
  • nail clipper or blunt tip scissor or nail file – can use any of those to cut nails
  • nasal aspirator/bulb syringe/nose frida – to clear a stuffy nose – will probably get from hospital
  • soft bristled baby brush – to remove cradle cap – again will most likely get from hospital
  • cotton balls and alcohol – to clean umbilical cord – will most likely get from hospital
  • hand sanitizer
  • baby lotion or any fragrance free lotion
  • gentle or fragrance free laundry detergent (baby specific or any other)
  • burp clothes or cloth diapers – you will go through a few in a day
  • receiving blankets – most hospitals give you some to take home
  • 2-3 sleep sacks or 1 piece footed sleepers
  • 5-6 onesies – short or long sleeve depending on the season
  • baby hat – hospital will give you one for the baby
  • daytime clothes – most newborns are swaddled so you may not see the daytime clothes which means that it’s up to you how much you want to spend on newborn clothes
  • warm clothes for winter babies and wide-brimmed hat for a summer baby
  • socks or booties
Don’t need:
  • wipes warmer
  • sterilizer – you can just as easily boil water on your stove or sterilize in the microwave
  • quilts/pillows/bumpers for the crib – they look cute in the crib but are technically not safe for the baby – can increase the risk of SIDS
Added benefits:
Here are some additional links or baby buying advice: