Crib Safety

In recent years the issue of crib safety has escalated significantly due to baby deaths and injuries from drop down side cribs. The drop side is either partly or fully separating from the crib. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) is now recommending parents to stop using drop down side cribs or to buy immobilizers so the drop down side can no longer move. Many crib manufacturers are providing the immobilizers for free if you all ready have a crib with a drop down side (if it is a hand me down crib perhaps). If your crib needs it then immobilizers and make sure the nuts and bolts for the drop down side are securely tightened.

Starting June, 28, 2011 the Federal Government has enacted new regulations regarding cribs sold in the United States. Any crib sold prior to that date does not meet these new regulations so be wary when buying a used crib or taking a hand-me-down crib.

If you buy a new crib prior to June, 28, 2011 it may not meet the new federal regulations. Check the manufacturer and retail store when buying a crib to see if the crib will meet the new regulations ( 16 CFR 1219, the new federal standard for full-size cribs or with 16 CFR 1220, the new federal standard for non-full-size cribs).

For full FAQ’s from the CPSC regarding drop down side cribs and safety please visit here.