Travel System Strollers

There are so many strollers out there and it is so hard to decide what you want and need. I have gone through many strollers – jogging stroller, travel system, high end travel system, umbrella stroller, umbrella double stroller and a double jogging stroller – so I will try to impart some of my stroller wisdom on you.

I will start off by comparing the high end travel system and the middle range travel system. Here is a great explanation of a travel system stroller. I originally bought the the Peg Perego as our first stroller. We had the matching stroller and car seat but the Graco car seat also works in the Peg Perego stroller. It worked fine as a basic stroller but for the price it wasn’t any different than the lower priced travel systems. For the most part they have the same features and do the same things. Sure they open and close differently and some are slightly heavier but overall they are not very different. The main difference between the lower range and middle range is name brand. After owning the Peg Perego for 1 year, we decided to sell it and buy the Orbit travel system . I had been eyeing the Orbit stroller and finally convinced my husband that it was the stroller that we needed. Turns out that we love it. Sure it takes up more space in the trunk but it has great features. You can snap a bassinet onto the stroller which is a huge benefit when you have a newborn and plan on being out of the house (instead of the newborn sitting in the car seat). The bassinet comes with a portable rocker. The seat on the orbit rotates 360 degrees so you can have your child facing you or out or to the side depending on your needs at that moment (love it). There is an additional cost with buying the toddler seat once your child outgrows the car seat. A huge positive are the wheels on the orbit stroller. They are durable and large so they are better for long walks etc. It is a futuristic looking stroller and invites a lot of stares and questions. Some other higher end strollers include the Stokke, Bugaboo, Uppababy.

Whatever stroller you decide make sure you do your research because there are so many out there and it can be very confusing. With a newborn , if you are going to be in and out of a car then getting a stroller with a car seat that snaps into it is your best bet. The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go and the Graco SnugRider is the the most basic you can go. Its a stroller frame that you snap the car seat into. Its small, light, compact but can only be used as long as your baby is in the car seat.

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