Hospital Bag Packing List

Essentials for yourself:

  • Birth plan
  • picture ID, insurance card, hospital paperwork
  • camera and with the charger and enough memory space
  • video camera with the  charger and enough memory space
  • toiletries and personal affects – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel/soap, deodorant, chapstick (hospitals can be very dry), lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens case, contact solution, face wash, glasses, make-up,hairbrush,  ponytail holder/hair clips
  • going home clothes – plan for loose clothes because your body will not have shrunk back yet (you will definitely need loose clothing if you have a c-section)
  • nursing bra or any bra without underwire – after delivery
  • non-slip socks – for keeping your feet warm
  • slippers – for walking the halls and in the shower
  • cell phone and charger

If you want:

  • delivery gown if you do not want to wear hospital gown – it will get very dirty
  • nursing gown, loose fitting post delivery clothes or pajamas – for after delivery if you do not want to wear the hospital gown
  • towels – if you do not want to use the hospital ones
  • pillows – if you want your own comfortable one – make sure the case is not white so you can distinguish your pillow from the hospital pillow
  • books or magazines
  • refillable water bottle
  • snacks for before or after delivery
  • hard candy or lollipop
  • birthing ball
  • nursing pillow – may not need in the hospital but may be useful once you are home
  • breast pads
  • maternity underwear – the hospital will provide disposable ones but you may want to bring your own
  • heavy flow sanitary pads – hospital will provide but if you have your favorite brand then bring them (you will need to have some at home because the hospital will provide enough to get home but you will need a lot more than that)
  • mp3 player – if you like to have relaxing music
  • gift for a sibling
  • baby book – you can get your baby’s footprint in the book while they are doing footprints for hospital paperwork

Essentials for the baby:

  • car seat - installed correctly
  • going home outfit – bring 1 size up and 1 size down – you never know what will fit your baby
  • hat – the hospital will provide a hat but you can bring your own
  • socks if the going home outfit is not footed
  • receiving blanket – you will get some from the hospital but if you prefer to use your own then bring it
  • no scratch mittens

Essentials for your partner:

  • toiletries – toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, contact case and solution, glasses
  • change of clothes
  • comfortable shoes
  • pajamas – if sleeping at the hospital
  • cell phone and charger
  • book, magazines, games
  • snacks/food
  • change for the vending machine