Diaper Pail “Sniff Test”

Stinky diapers have to be contained somewhere. With your newborn you will go through an average of 8-10 diapers a day and any trash can in the house is not the best place. There are a handful of diaper pails out there and they all have their pros and cons. Check out this link for a full report on the main diaper pails available. If you have not seen DadLabs yet then this is a great site for video tests performed by 2 dads on many different parent and baby related things. Here is a video of the┬ádads doing a “sniff test” on 4 different diaper pails. This video gives you a great idea of which diaper pail disguises the smell the best. There is more to the diaper pail than just the smell because you have to consider the price and the fact that some pails use regular plastic bags while other pails require you to buy their specific trash bags. Diaper pails are an important investment in order to contain the smell so invest wisely.