Boppy vs My Brest Friend


You need a nursing pillow so which one do you buy? There are a few different ones out there but the 2 most popular ones are the Boppy and My Brest Friend. From Metropolitan Mama, here is a great side by side comparison:

My Brest Friend


Wrap-around design U-shaped design
“Flatter” surface “Curvy” surface
Better back support No back support
Pocket for holding nursing pads, nursing cream, water bottle, etc. No pocket
Hmm…not sure this pillow would work for playtime/tummy time Ideal for baby’s “tummy time” or playtime
Original – $39.99  Deluxe – $44.99 Individual Slipcovers – $17.99 Bare Naked (no slipcover) – $29.99  Boppy with Slipcover – $34.99 Boppy with Designer Slipcover – $44.99 Boppy with Posh Slipcover – $59.99 Individual Slipcovers – $19.99

Hobo Mama gives another perspective on the Boppy vs My Brest Friend debate. She also has a description of the lesser known nursing pillows on the market.

Product Review: Boppy vs My Brest Fried

Any one out there want to weigh in on this debate?