Baby Bath Tubs

Giving a baby a bath can be a little scary and intimidating but the right bath tub can make bath time a little easier.

According to BabyCenter there are a few things to look for in a bathtub:

  • Look for thick plastic that won’t buckle from your baby’s weight or the weight of the water.
  • Foldable tubs are more convenient for storing and carrying, while non-foldable types may be a bit more solid and sturdy
  • An infant-to-toddler tub may serve you longer, because it has adjustable features to accommodate a growing baby.
  • A plug at the base of the tub makes for easy draining.
  • Make sure it doesn’t have any rough edges that can chafe delicate baby skin.

Consumer Search has a list of bath items to avoid buying:

There are many different  baby bath tubs available but here are the top rated baby bath tubs.