Activity Mats for Babies (Gym Mats)

As a newborn your baby doesn’t need to much for entertainment but one useful toy is an activity mat or baby arch. Activity mats are meant for the baby to lay on their back and look up and see hanging toys and eventually learn to grab for them. The other use is when the baby is doing tummy time there is sensory stimulation on the mat. Sure you can lay your baby on a blanket but this is a gym with many things for the baby to see and eventually do. According to Consumer Search “play mats are designed to promote a child’s development.” The most popular activity mat on the market is the Tiny Love Gymni Super Deluxe Lights and Music. For a description of a few other activity mats available see this page.

Overall the activity mats and baby gyms are great toys that can be folded to a compact size and put away or to take for travelling. For a description of a few more activity mats and baby gyms then click here. This site focuses solely on baby gym mats and even has videos of the mats in use by various babies.