Video vs Audio Monitor

Baby monitors range from cheap to expensive so which one do you chose? The first decision to make is do you want to see and hear your baby or are you ok just hearing your baby. Many parents are choosing the video monitor because it gives you both options. Sure they are more expensive but it gives the new parents a sense of security. Since monitors are technically considered an electronic item then here is a side by side comparison of video monitors with every technical detail compared. .

A new site that is slowly growing has detailed reviews of 6 monitor so far but the advantage is there are videos to show these monitors in action. Stay tuned as they slowly add more monitors to their site. The Babble has a list and review of the best video monitors and the best audio monitors. The reviews here are objective and so give you a better idea of the product but does not give you the details as this site. Audio monitors are the traditional monitors and the cheapest.

With the smartphones we have available you can now rig a baby monitor with an app on either the iPhone or the Android phones. It is a more cost effective way to watch your child when you do not have a baby monitor. Another option is setting up a webcam as a baby monitor.

There  are many monitors and many ideas so do your research before buying.