Bumbo Seat – Seat Positioner

The Bumbo Seat is a low density foam chair that allows a baby to learn to sit before they are sitting independently.  It is easy to clean,

portable and lightweight. It is a great way for the baby to see the world once they have head control. A few cons about the seat: once your baby is mobile, they may not like the seat also if your baby arches their back they can tip out of the chair.

In 2007 the Bumbo seat was recalled because of babies falling out of the seat and having dangerous falls because the seat was on an elevated surface. As a result of the recall more warning stickers were issued.

This seat rivals the Prince Lionheart bebePod.

DO NOT use the seat on a high surface. Keep the seat on the floor for the safety of your baby.

**New CPSC warning about the Bumbo seat.**