Diaper Bag Essentials

What do you pack in a diaper bag? There is the obvious of diapers and wipes but what else?

This is a list to help you pack your diaper bag:

  • diapers – more than you think you will need
  • wipes – in a travel case – always check to make sure you have enough before leaving the house
  • changing pad – most diaper bags come with changing pads
  • diaper rash cream – just in case
  • hand sanitizer
  • burp cloths
  • plastic bags – for dirty clothes or diapers
  • change of clothes – onesie, shirt, pants, socks, hat
  • blanket – in case its cold or if you want to put the baby down on the floor
  • nursing cover – if you are nursing

If you are bottle feeding or your baby needs food here are a few more essentials:

  • bottle
  • formula or bottle with pumped milk stored in ice
  • water – for the formula
  • baby food and spoon – for older babies
  • snacks for baby – for older babies


  • toy – teething toy or something to entertain your baby
  • infant Acetaminophen
  • baby carrier/sling
  • first aid kit
  • extra blanket
  • pacifier and pacifier pouch
  • nursing pads – if breast-feeding

For mom:

  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • camera – for spontaneous photo ops
  • spare shirt – you never know when you will need it