Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is another great option for co-sleeping but then also having your baby sleep in their own space. This is a bassinet that attaches to the mattress of the adult bed, can be used as a free-standing bassinet and then eventually as a play yard. The co-sleeper is portable and easy to break down so it can be used for travelling. When attached to your bed the bassinet allows you to easily reach your baby for feeding and check on your baby. The baby is safely corralled in the bassinet so there is no risk of rolling over him/her but then your baby gets the comfort of having you nearby.

The Arm’s Reach makes 3 different size co-sleepers. The Universal, Sleigh Bed and Original are a little larger and the Mini is for a more compact version. There are also different types of co-sleepers within these categories so you will really have to decide exactly what you want. For example, the Mini does not convert to a play yard but then the Mini-Convertible does convert to a play yard.  The Sleigh Bed converts to a min-bench when your baby outgrows the bassinet. All the mattresses and sheets come in original and an organic cotton. The added benefit of the co-sleeper is that is comes in many different colors so you can choose the best one to fit your room style.

Here is a video with a demonstration of the Co-Sleeper:

Arm\’s Reach Universal Co-Sleeper & Bedside Cot