Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Homeopathic teething tablets have been known to help ease your baby’s teething pain. These are extremely tiny tablets (no chance of your baby choking because they are so tiny) that dissolve in the mouth or you can dissolve them in milk or water in a bottle. Some parents swear by them (I do) and some not so much but the nice thing is that they are homeopathic so it can’t hurt. Unless…


In October 2010 Hyland’s voluntarily recalled their teething tablets because they may have contained a small trace of belladonna.  As of June, 26, 2011, Hyland’s has issued a new statement saying that they are almost ready for a relaunch of their teething tablets. The new bottles will have child proof caps among a few other changes.

Humphrey’s makes safe homeopathic teething pellets for babies. Many parents have positive reviews of this brand so this is a safe option to consider for your teething baby. These are available at your local drug store.

**Update – The new and improved Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets were back on the market as of 8/1/2011. So far users are happy and thankful that they are back!