Humanity Family Sleeper for Co-Sleeping

Have you ever thought about co-sleeping with your baby? If so, then here is another safe solution to co-sleeping. The Humanity Family Sleeper is a thick, washable and water-proof cushion with a detachable bolster on one side of the cushion. The sleeper allows your baby to safely sleep in your bed without the risk of rolling off. The weight of the 5 lb body bolster prevents it from moving and the 3-layer organic cotton flannel cushion helps to hold it into place. The bolster can be used as a body pillow for support while pregnant. The waterproof cushion protects the mattress from leakage from diapers or when breastfeeding. The bolster and cushion are machine washable and is large enough for a parent and child to sleep on. The best thing about this sleeper is that it can grow with your child. When your child graduates to a bed this can be used as a bed railing in their own bed.