Road Tripping With Your Baby

Road trips are fun, but here are a few tips to make the trip as smooth as possible with your baby:

Car essentials:

  • well stocked diaper bag
  • baby blanket
  • change of clothes for baby
  • window shades – to block the sun
  • cooler – to keep drinks and food cold
  • bottle warmer – if needed
  • toys, baby friendly music, books
  • baby food and snacks
  • baby bottles/sippy cups
  • snacks and drinks for adults
  • empty plastic bag for trash
  • cell phone
  • first aid kit/medications
  • jumper cables
  • money/wallet/purse
  • health insurance cards and phone numbers
  • maps/GPS – address of destination
  • baby carrier and/or stroller
  • camera
  • suitcases – with personal essentials, clothes, more diapers etc
  • pack n play, portable high chair etc…