Diaper Bags for Men

Diaper bags are an essential when leaving the house with a baby. Some women will want to buy a “girly” looking bag but then some men are not enthusiastic about carrying them. A happy medium is to buy a unisex diaper bag but if the woman in your life is intent on buying something more “girly” then there are some options for men.

The 2 most common brands for dad bags are:

  • Diaper Dude – They make messenger bags, backpacks and satchels for men (plus many other products). Their bags are compartmentalized for all the baby things you need to pack. They have ergonomic designs so you can save your shoulders while carrying all that weight. In addition they all come with a changing pad.
  • DadGear – They make diaper vests and jackets, messenger bags, and backpacks. The vests and jackets have many pockets that are big enough to fit diapers and it comes with 2 bottle pockets. In addition they come with a slim design changing pad so everything you need for your baby can fit into the vest/jacket. The bags and backpacks also have a ton of pockets and they also come with a changing pad.

There are many other brands (BOB, JJ Cole, Eddie Bauer etc) that make unisex diaper bags or diaper bags specifically for men. Another option for a dad is to use a generic backpack or messenger bag that has multiple pockets – just make sure you put a changing pad in the backpack or bag.

See the video on DadLabs to hear from experienced dads if men really need their own diaper bag.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a dad bag.