Shopping Cart Covers

Shopping carts harbor a lot of germs. Therefore you should use a shopping cart cover to protect your baby from germs on the cart. Washing the cover after every use is important but so is wiping down the cart and handle prior to putting on the cart cover. Shopping cart covers should only be used for babies who can sit up unassisted. Some covers can be used for shopping carts as well as high chairs in restaurants. There are so many different options for shopping carts so weigh out your needs and uses prior to purchasing one. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the cart cover has 2 straps – one the secures your baby to the cover and one that secures the cover to the cart. Some cart covers have holes to weave through the shopping cart straps but these covers are not as safe as the double strap covers.

Questions to ask when looking for a shopping car cover:

  1. Does it cover 100% of the seating area?
  2. Does the cover come with its own safety belt?
  3. Is the cart cover machine washable.
  4. Is the cover easy to install and remove?
  5. Does the cover fit into restaurant high chairs?
  6. Does the cart come with pockets?
  7. Does the cover have top loops?
  8. Does the cover fit in oversize or double carts?