Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle

Many babies are quite content with either cold or room temperature milk but some babies need their milk to be warmed. Warming milk is a time-consuming challenge when your baby is screaming and wants their milk now. The Yoomi bottle is a self heating bottle that heats milk in 60 seconds. Each bottle comes with a beehive shaped warmer that fits inside the bottle. You charge the warmer for 25 minutes in boiling water. The beehive warmer then stays charged until you use it. When it comes time to feed the baby, pour milk into the bottle, pop in the warmer, press a button on the warmer and 60 seconds later you have warm milk. The milk flows over the warmer on the way to the nipple so there is no chance for the milk to overheat. Each warmer can be used up to 100 times or up to 3 months. This is a fantastic way to solve the problem of how to warm up cold milk when on the go.

A few perks of the bottle:

  • BPA free
  • Ergonomically designed so its easy to hold
  • Has a wide, soft silicone nipple that is supposed to mimic a women’s breast
  • Well placed vents to help reduce colic.

You can buy Yoomi bottles in 5oz or 8 oz – each has different flow nipples. The bottles are not very expensive but the warmer is what adds to the price of this great invention.