Gliders and Rockers

Glider and ottoman set is one of the best chairs you could buy for yourself and your baby. When you are up in the middle of the night feeding or rocking your baby back to sleep you will feel very relaxed and comfortable in a glider. “The top selling gliders and ottomans come from Dutailier, Stork Craft, Shermag, and LA Baby.” Gliders all vary by price, colors, cushion color, cushion comfort and ability to recline. Check out Amazon for reviews on many of the top selling gliders with ottomans. I highly recommend buying a glider with the ottoman because you will be most comfortable with your feet up when you are feeding or just holding your baby. The greatest thing is that many of the ottomans glide with the rocker so your whole body is in motion. You also have the ability to lock the glider and/or ottoman if you choose to be stationary. As your baby grows it is a great chair to sit and read a book to your baby.

A few important things to look for in a glider ottoman set:Cherry/Beige

  • wide seat
  • plush cushions
  • metal ball bearings – for smooth gliding
  • hard frame – for longevity
  • side pockets – for storage
  • lead free finish