Kangaroo Towel

As a new parent, you will soon learn that giving your baby a bath requires a lot of preparation ahead of time and moving quickly after the bath. The PTPA award-winning Kangaroo Towel by Small Made Simple is one of those amazing inventions that makes your life easier during bath time. The way it works is that it drapes around your neck so you put it on before bath time Рit will keep you dry while bathing your baby. Once bath time is over you take the baby out of the bath tub and place them in the hooded towel pouch. You wear the baby so the baby is warm in a towel but also cuddled up against you.

Kangaroo Towel Features:

  • Adjustable length for newborns up to 1 year
  • Convenient oversized side snap
  • Thick, plush terry
  • Lined hood
  • Comes in an organza bag for gift giving

You must hold the baby tightly while they are in the towel, this is NOT meant to be used as a baby carrier.