Babyproofing Tips

Baby proofing tips that you can start working on even before your baby is born:

  • Install plug covers on all baby accessible outlets.
  • Lock all high windows and low windows should not open more than 4 inches. `
  • Keep fans ans space heaters out of reach from the baby.
  • Remove or shorten all blind or curtain cords. (If you bought your blinds before November 2000, visit the Window Covering Safety Council’s web site or call (800) 506-4636 to order a free repair kit.)
  • Secure all furniture so your baby can’t pull something down on them.
  • Place covers over stove burners.
  • Keep house cleaners out of reach or lock the cabinet with all cleaners.
  • Lock all lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets or block off the kitchen. You can leave one cabinet open with baby safe things – wooden spoons, plastic containers etc.
  • Keep all medicines in a locked box and out of reach.
  • Purchase a toilet latch or keep all bathrooms closed and latched.
  • Put gates at the top and bottom of all stairs.
  • Cover sharp table corners.
  • Wrap up the slack on electric cords or hide them behind furniture.
  • Replace all rubber tip door stops with solid tip door stops.
  • Gate all off limit areas from baby.
  • Keep only non-toxic plants in the house.
  • Keep fireplaces closed at all times.
  • Cover sharp fireplace hearths with a soft padding.
  • Keep the water heater at 120 degree Fahrenheit or less.
  • Remove all small objects that are accessible to the baby – anything that is a choking hazard.

Keep the number for the National Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222 and your local emergency numbers close to every phone.

If you are not sure that you will be able to fully babyproof your house or you want help you can hire a professional childproofer in your area.

You will have to remember to continuously baby proof because the safety features you had when your child was 1 may not work when your child is 2.