Buying a High Chair

Typically you will not need a high chair until your baby is sitting up and feeding (4-6 months) but when it comes time to high chair shop, here are a few things to look for:

  • Check for safety – there should be a bar between the legs, harness straps (most come with a 3 point harness but some come with the 5 point harness), sturdy and has not been recalled (see the right bar on for an updated list of CPSC recalls)
  • Check for stability – the high chair should have a wide base and a low center of gravity
  • If you will be moving the high chair around – make sure it has strong locks on the wheels and make sure the wheels roll smoothly.
  • If you are looking to save space and fold your high chair – make sure the high chair cannot fold while open and stays locked when closed.
  • A high chair with height adjustment is important if you plan on using it long-term as your baby grows.
  • Reclining high chairs are useful if you plan to bottle feed your baby while in the high chair or if you plan to use it with an infant.
  • Choose a high chair that is easy to clean – vinyl pads that can be wiped clean or removable and washable pads.
  • Look for a tray that is easy to remove and secures tightly on both sides.
  • Make sure the high chair has the JPMA seal of approval – this means the high chair is certified for compliance from ASTM International specifications.
  • Wooden – they match decor and are appealing but they can’t be folded and may be harder to clean.
  • Basic metal or plastic frame – usually inexpensive and lightweight but they are less comfortable.
  • Full-featured – high chairs with bells and whistles such as well padded seats, wheels, detachable trays, adjustable heights, reclining seat etc.
  • Portable high chairs – booster seats that you attach to a regular chair that are portable and inexpensive
  • Hook on chairs – attach to the table or a counter edge so they are portable and inexpensive. You have to make sure the chair is properly hooked on, has a strong clamping device and is hooked onto a very stable table.
  • Never leave your child unattended in a  high chair.
  • Keep high chair away from walls or furniture that your child can push-off from.
  • Make sure the tray is locked when in use.
  • Secure straps every time your baby is in the high chair.
Make sure you read reviews on Amazon and Babies R Us because parental reviews are the best kind since they are based on actual use and opinions.