Cleanwater Infant Tub

The Cleanwater Infant Tub by 4Moms is an amazing tub built for babies from birth to 7+ months. This tub is made by the same company that makes the mamaRoo – clearly another ingenious product by a contemporary company.

The way the tub works is water runs from the faucet into a basin. The basin houses a thermometer that is run by batteries. You turn on the thermometer with an On/Off button that is located right below the display. When bathing your baby, you keep the water running and once the water hits the sensor then the temperature gauge sets itself. On the side the baby lays in, there is s small drain on the side and bottom so water does not run over the sides. Since water is always filtering through the tub then the water stays a consistent temperature and is always clean.

There are a few features of this bathtub that makes it stand out from other baby bath tubs:

  • Color coded, built-in digital thermometer – makes it easy to set the perfect temperature (blue=cold, green=just right, red=hot).
  • Includes bath sponge to support an infant.
  • Cleanwater reservoir holds fresh water for rinsing.
  • Rinse cup included.
  • Fits most single and double sinks.
  • Base piece included in case the tub does not fit into your sink.
A few negatives:
  • It is bulky┬áso its hard to store away.
  • There is no head support for an infant.