Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer by Coast Innovations is a timer that helps sleep-deprived parents keep track of their baby’s needs. This multi-purpose tool has 4 timers that count up with the touch of a button so you always know how long it has been. You can keep track of when you last fed, changed and put your baby to sleep. There is 1 additional button for other needs such as when you last administered medication etc. There is a reminder alarm for each event and when time is up, the button will light up and the alarm will beep. There is a backlight on the display so you can see the times at night. For nursing moms, there is a left, right indicator to help moms remember which side she was last nursed from. The Itzbeen comes with a nightlight and runs on 3 AAA batteries. A clip on the back makes this portable and easy to keep with you at all times. The timer comes in 3 different colors, pink, blue and green.