Lamaze Mortimer the Moose

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose by Learning Curve  is a safe and well designed development toy for newborns on up. The various textures, colors, patterns and sounds (rattling, crinkling, crunching, squeeking and chiming) entertain the baby as well as encourage the senses of touch, sound and sight. The antlers are soft and rubbery which are perfect for chewing for teething babies. The tail is made of 2 rubber rings which are perfect for the baby to hold. The back has an attached link so the Moose can be hung from a car seat handle, stroller, crib etc. This toy does not use any batteries, nor does it have any strings that are unsafe for your baby. This is the perfect toy for development and to cuddle and play with. Mortimer the Moose and his other Lamaze friends have received amazing reviews by parents.