Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor

The Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor is rated the best movement monitor by Consumer Search.  The audio monitor detects sound and the sensor pad is placed under the mattress and an alarm sounds on the portable unit if no movement is detected for 20 seconds (even when the baby sleeps). Every time your baby moves, you will hear a “tic” sound but when 20 seconds have gone by without any “tic” sounds then you will hear the alarm. The pad is very sensitive so there is more risk for false alarms than for it to fail. Many parents love this sensor pad because it gives them peace of mind but experts warn that there is no direct evidence that the sensor pad aids in the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  Something to keep in mind, every time you take the baby out of the crib you have to remember to turn off the sensor pad or the alarm will sound in 20 seconds.

This monitor set comes with 2 general options – basic and deluxe. The basic has 2 channels, volume control and a range of 200 feet. The deluxe option has a few extra features such as 820 feet range, 8 channels, temperature reading for the baby’s room, color LCD screen on parent units, optional voice activation and a nightlight. The price different between the basic and deluxe is only about $35.  The newest model now has a video feature but the price is also significantly higher. All models have both an AC adapter and battery option.