Inspired by her young children, Taggies was started by a mom who saw that her children loved to rub and play with smooth, satiny, looped tags on other item.  As a result she developed the Taggies security blanket. This blanket gave her children the comfort of a security blanket with the added benefit of tags to play with. The company has now grown to make many other items, such as balls, stuffed toys, soft blocks, rattles, pillows, books etc. Each tag looks and feels different with different colors, textures and pictures. The tags are securely sewed into the toy so there is no risk of your baby choking. All the Taggies are washable and extremely durable.

Taggies can provide that security and comfort from an object that many babies/children need. It is a “perfect companion to help during a child’s independent explorations!”

I have a Taggies ball and security blanket but my boys never created an attachment to any physical object. They did not need the comfort from Taggies or any other object. I cannot say from personal experience how great Taggies are but all children are different so maybe by daughter will love the Taggies that we have!