Baby Wipes

So how do you decide which baby wipes brand and type to use? If you are unsure, then see this guide in which scientists have reviewed and rated 120 baby wipes products based on “health, environment and society.”  

If you are interested to know the harmful ingredients in wipes then see these PDF files on this site for a list of wipes and their ingredients and a glossary of the ingredients. The findings show that most of the wipes have similar ingredients but the eco-friendly wipes tend to be a little better.

These days, many people are saving money and the environment by making their own wipes. Buying reusable baby wipes or making reusable wipes and then spraying the wipes with either water or making their own baby-safe cleaning solution cleans just as well as the disposable wipes.  It can be time-consuming to make the solution and add another load of laundry to your all ready many loads accumulated by your baby.

Choose the wipes option that best suits your needs but read the reviews if you are not sure which way to go.