JJ Cole BundleMe

Now that we are heading into the colder months – parents with babies or soon-to-be newborns need to think about keeping their baby warm when outdoors. The JJ Cole BundleMe is a sleeping bag that fits into an infant car seat or stroller and keeps your baby warm and toasty in the cold months. This bunting bag has slots for a 3 or 5 point harness so it securely straps to the stroller or car seat. It eliminates the need for a blanket (that can fall off or drag on the ground) or bulky layers on your baby. It easily zips and unzips to let the baby in and out of the bag and the top is also removable for temperature control. The BundleMe can be used for newborns up to 12 months or they have a toddler size for ages 1-3. It is made from very durable and washable material. The BundleMe is not to be used with convertible car seats and it may not fit large standard size strollers. It is best with infant car seats, jogging strollers and umbrella strollers.

different types of BundleMe(s):

1. Original BundleMe – inner shearling liner, soft fleece exterior, thicker material in back so harder to fit into infant car seat but great for strollers

2. Urban BundleMe – more trendy and stylish, outer cover is made from quilted nylon that protects against rain and wind and is stain resistant,  interior is made of micro suede, stitched front and silky fleece on the back to give it extra style, not as warm as the Original

3. BundleMe Lite – best for spring and cool summer nights, soft interior fabric and nylon exterior, stitching desings on the exterior give it extra style and appeal, water-resistant

4. Arctic BundleMe – microfiber outer cover, fleece inner cover, comes with an adjustable hood, water-resistant