Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher Price is an activity center that can be used for babies from 4 months up to 2 years. This activity center distinguishes itself from other exersaucers because it allows your baby to jump instead of just stand and spin 360 degrees. It has the same amount of toys as an exersaucer so it can keep your baby entertained for about 15-20 minutes (an eternity for parents).  Some of the toys can be removed leaving space in the tray for snacks. The seat rotates 360 degrees so that baby can also turn around and jump. This toy has many benefits as in the jumping helps to strengthen the baby’s legs and the toys help with eye hand coordination and stimulation.

Lights and sounds on the Jumperoo are activated by a motion sensor (AAA batteries required) when your baby jumps.

This toy is super safe – the bouncing is sturdy and strong so there is no chance that it can get out of control. This means that you can put your baby in and walk out of the room and know that your baby is in a safe place.

Building the Jumperoo is not too challenging but once it is built it does take up a lot of real estate space. It does fold in half (by splitting the circular frame) so you can stow away but ultimately it is a monstrosity of a toy.

All the Jumperoo toys are removable and easy to clean so never fear about keeping it germ-free for your baby. The seat padding is also removable and washable.

The one negative of the Jumperoo is that it may be too tall for a smaller baby so you may have to place a book or pillow to allow the baby to jump. Although, there are 3 levels of height adjustment so once your baby reaches the bottom level you can raise it 2 more times to grow with your baby.

Fisher Price also carries other Jumperoos in the same and different price ranges. The Rainforest is the most popular as you can see from reading the reviews.