QuickZip Bed Sheets

Once your baby is born, there are going to be many nights when you will have to do a bed sheet change because your baby spit up or leaked through their diaper. As a sleepless parent, this can be tiring but necessary to do. The founders of Clouds and Stars (moms themselves) developed QuickZip to make those night-time bed sheet changes fast and efficient. Basically you place a mattress in the zipper base sheet. Then you put the mattress in the bed/crib. Lastly you zipper sheet to the base and viola you are done! When you need to change the sheet, you simply unzip the top sheet and zip on a new sheet. The zipper is completely covered by the top sheet so no need to worry about an exposed zipper scratching your baby. Another great benefit is that you can place a mattress pad under the top sheet and when you need to change the sheet you easily change the mattress pad at the same time. The sheets come in many different colors and they are available for play yards, cribs, and twin beds. The sheets are 200 thread count and 100% cotton and they even come in organic. What a great way to save time when you are exhausted and changing sheets is the last thing you want to do.