Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat

Infant car seats are traditionally heavy but this year Cybex introduced the lowest weighing car seat on the market, the Aton Infant Car Seat. At only 8.8 lbs it is super lightweight compared to other infant car seats. This German brand car seat has so many amazing features that you may just want to consider it.

  • For babies 4-32 lbs so  it is perfect for preemies – it is the lowest weight capacity car seat on the market. 
  • Newborn inlay at the bottom (for use from 4-11 lbs) for a better fit of the harness and a head and torso support opens up the torso allowing for better breathing and digestion in the baby.
  • Unique “Belt Tensioning Plate” makes this car seat super easy to install in cars with the LATCH system or traditional seat belts. The plate locks down on the LATCH belt or seat belt-tightening it for you – makes installation even easier.
  • The base is heavy at 10.25 lbs but the weight helps keep the car seat secure.
  •  The car seat is also easy to install without the base, it uses the “European Method” of installation. With a shoulder belt guide on the back of the seat, the shoulder belt is wrapped around the back of the car seat.
  • Taking the car seat out of the base requires pressing the release buttons on the base instead of the car seat. This feature allows the car seat to remain light weight. The release is a quick 2-step process but it prevents accidental release.
  • 3 position handle: “carry” – when carrying or installing car seat into base, the handle must be up when installing into the base which is part of the rebound and rotation management system, “storage” –  rocking or storing the car seat, “resting” – to stabilize the car seat when on the floor, so it does not rock
  • Safety – most of the seat is lined with EPS foam, deep car seat
The one drawback is the sun shade does not provide ample coverage for the baby but on the other hand when it is not in use it slides under a cover and disappears.
The Aton can be used with Cybex strollers (using an adapter it becomes a lightweight travel system) and to name a few others, the Buggaboo, Uppababy and Quinny (using the Maxi-Cosi adapter).