Gripe Water

A very common newborn issue is severe discomfort due to painful gas.  Gripe water is a homepathic liquid that parents have been giving to their babies for hundreds of  years (originated in Europe). It is a symptom soother, it does not cut gassiness or colic but it does soothe the baby temporarily. One thing to keep in mind is that many brands are not FDA approved (although they do deem it safe) so you have to use your own judgement when choosing to give your baby gripe water.

Pros of Gripe Water:

  • Purely herbal concoction (active ingredients – see image) so it is very safe for your baby
  • Claims to aid in digestion
  • Easy to give to your baby in liquid form (add a few drops to milk, give via medicine dispenser)
  • Available over the counter
  • No serious side effects
A few negatives of gripe water is that manufacturers make their gripe water differently so the benefits of gripe water are based on trial and error. Another issue is that it is not recommended to give gripe water to a baby under one month old. Also the ginger and peppermint in gripe water may cause a burning sensation in babies suffering from reflux. In addition, some brands contain some alcohol (not in US brands but in brands made internationally and sold in international markets, online etc) which supposedly induces sleep but the use of it in gripe water is controversial. Not all gripe is made equal nor does it guarantee to work but it is widely used.
Read the reviews of the most popular brands of gripe water:
  1. Colic Calm
  2. Mommy’s Bliss
  3. Woodwards
  4. Little Tummys
Overall gripe water purchased in the by a US manufacturer is safe but remember to read ingredients carefully and talk to your child’s doctor before administering.