Nosefrida – The Snotsucker

One of the most ingenius nasal aspirators on the market is the Nosefrida Snocksucker. It works like a charm and clears your baby’s nose with almost no baby fuss compared to the traditional bulb nasal aspirator (also can damage nose tissues if used to hard or too much), which usually draws babies into hysterics. Invented by doctors in Sweden, the Nosefrida uses the parents suction to pull out the mucus. It consists of  5 inch long tube-like collection chamber which is not actually placed it the baby’s nose but close to the nose. The tube is connected to a 15 inch long tube with a red attachment, which is placed in the parent’s mouth. The parent then sucks with as much force as needed. A foam filter prevents the mucus from leaving the chamber and entering the tube so the parent does not have to worry about infection or inhalation of the mucus. Cleaning is easy, simply use soap and warm water (also dishwasher safe) and replace the foam filter after every use. The Nosefrida is BPA-free, latex-free and 100% safe for the baby and parent.

At first the idea of the Nosefrida makes you want to gag but if you give it a try when needed you will save yourself and your baby a lot of heartache and tears. This is a great purchase for the upcoming cold and flu season!