Lifenest Sleeping System

Parents of newborns are surrounded by so many fears and unknowns, SIDS, flat head syndrome etc. The fear of SIDS is eased by putting your baby to sleep on their back, keeping toys and loose blankets away from a baby etc. Now the issue of flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) can be resolved by the UbiMed Lifenest Sleeping System. Created by an ENT (Ear, Nost, Throat) doctor, the Lifenest is known as a medical device approved by the FDA and used by many parents. It is very new, it was created in 2010 after 4 years of research by medical experts. The Lifenest consists of a curved mesh hammock that cradles the baby’s head (head is slightly elevated by the angled mattress) which maintains the baby on back position, prevents flat head and allows unrestricted movement by the baby. The mesh hammock allows for breathable air flow which prevents overheating and allows the baby to breathe freely if they accidently turn on their tummy’s. A second hammock is built into a mattress cover to reinforce strength and safety. The tight-fitting cover (comes in 5 different colors) prevents mattress cover entrapment and strangulation. In addition, the mesh hammock allows for liquids and mucus to pass through. The Lifenest is best for newborns up to 5 months and fits into any standard size crib and is easily portable (comes with its own travel bag).