Pregnancy Pillows

By the 2nd trimester, many pregnant women have a tough time sleeping.  You get up at night to use the bathroom, can’t sleep on your back or stomach and overall are uncomfortable. How do you make yourself comfortable knowing that in addition to all your personal body aches, the experts recommend sleeping on your left side with legs bend to increase oxygen flow to the baby. For this reason, either using multiple pillows around you to support your belly and body is an option or buying a pregnancy pillow (maternity pillow) is another option. So if you are going to buy a pregnancy pillow, which one do you buy?

1. Figure out which part of your body hurts/aches/stresses the most. Different pregnancy pillows are designed to alleviate different aches so chose the best one that will ease those pains.

2. Read personal reviews to see what other women have to say about specific pillows. Check out the reviews on Amazon.

3. Test it out the pillow at the store so you know how it will feel when you take it home.

4. Many pregnancy pillows can be used post pregnancy for nursing and baby cuddling so it can be a long-term investment.

5. The pillows all have different fillings – down which are fluffy and light and memory foam which forms to fit your body.

6. All full body pregnancy pillows are “C” “J” or “U” shaped.

Here is a site with detailed reviews of 6 pregnancy pillows available. This other site reviews many other pregnancy pillows available.