Potette Plus

When you start potty training your little one, the hardest part is when you are out of the house and your toddler has to go NOW! What do you do if there is no restroom close by or you just can’t get to the restroom fast enough. The Potette Plus by Kalencom is your solution. It is a compact (measures 9″ long and 3″ depth when folded), travel potty chair. It folds up small and comes with its own travel bag. You can use this potty while on the go or on an adult potty to make the adult potty child-size. The way it works is you open the seat, making sure the legs are snapped in. Put a bag in the seat and you are ready to go. Once your child is done, take the bag out, tie shut and dispose. The Potette comes with 3 plastic bags with liners and refills are available. A cheap (free!)  option and what many people do it just use the plastic bags you get at stores. Some users suggest folding up some paper towels and lining the bottom of store bags to act as the liners – a way cheaper option than buying the refill bags for the Potette. Just make sure the bags do not have holes. The Potette holds children up to 50lbs so it can be used for quite a while.

The Potette solves those problems when you are on the road and your little one has to go. Pull over and put the Potette in the trunk or on the ground next to the car. Use the Potette so your toddler does not have to use a potentially dirty public restroom or wait in line at the public restroom when they are in dire straits.

**Update: I have been using the Potette for about 1 year now for my daughter and it has been a lifesaver so many times! We love it! I purchased a roll of 500 bags from Costco for about $9 and I still have a ton left.