New Warning Against Crib Bumpers

Many health organizations, doctors, SIDS experts and organizations (including the American Academy of Pediatrics which just released new recommendations yesterday, Oct 18, 2011) warn against the use of crib bumpers because of the risk of suffocation and entaglement with the ties of the bumper. All these groups against bumpers say that they are not really needed, the risk of injury from hitting against the crib side is less than the risk of SIDS, entaglement or suffocation from the bumpers. Traditional bumpers (originally came into use when crib slats were further apart) look good and make the crib look great but they are not safe!

If you really want a bumper for your baby crib then here are 2 safer options to look into although the AAP still does not see a need for any crib bumpers at all.

1. Summer Infant BreathEasy Baby Bumper System and Easy Change Sheet – The bumper is made of breathable mesh material which improves air flow for the baby while reducing the risk of suffocation. It is padded to protect the baby from the crib slats and eliminates any gaps between the bumper and mattress. The system includes the bumper, mattress cover and waterproof sheet that fits a standard crib mattress. It comes in a few different colors and patterns so you can still choose one to match the theme of your nursery. It attaches by hook and loop fasteners instead of ties to avoid the risk of strangulation.

2. BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Bumper – This bumper is made with exclusive technology called ACT (Air Channel Technology) which promotes air flow and helps maintain air access. It attaches with hook and loop fasteners, tucks below the mattress for extra protection, is machine washable, fits most cribs, and comes in many different patterns and colors.

For more information on SIDS and crib and bed safety, read these safe sleep tips from birth to 12 months.