Wonder Bumper

In light of the increased safety concerns regarding crib bumpers, I recently heard of an even safer bumper, called the Wonder Bumper by Go Mama Go Designs . Why is this Wonder Bumper so WONDERful? Well, it is because these bumpers are vertical (they run up and down the crib slats) so they provide the protection from the hard crib without sacrificing safety. These bumpers allow for air flow between slats and they prevent your baby from using the bumper as leverage to climb out. They are easy to put on, simply zip each one up the slat and you are done. Because they wrap around the slat, they reduce the space between slabs. They are easy to remove and clean, reversible and they do not inhibit sheet changing. The Wonder Bumper is made from 100% cotton and polyester so they are super soft and they are also very stylish – a minky solid color on one side and a colorful pattern on the other.

Wonder Bumpers fit most standard cribs but there are some cribs that it may not work for – if your crib slats are too short. In addition, they are expensive so if you really want crib bumpers then these or other breathable, mesh bumpers are your only safe options.