Buzz B – Battery Operated Nail Trimmer

Buzz B, a battery operated nail trimmer by ZoLi, is a safe and gentle nail trimmer for newborns up to 2 years old. It trims nails with an oscillating action and has 4 different pads with varying degrees of roughness (each pad is a different color) so it can be used on the thin nails of a newborn up to the harder nails of a toddler. The pads prevent the skin around the nails from getting harmed yet it safely trims the nails by a filing system. The Buzz B also has 2 speeds so the parent can control how fast or slow you want the trimmer to work (although it is faster to cut nails with a regular nail cutter than with the Buzz B).

With a 4 and 2-year-old, I am still too scared to cut my kids nails. When my older son was a newborn I would cut his nails but the first time I accidently cut a small part of his finger and he bled I stopped. I do not like the site of blood so I freaked out! Ever since then my husband has been cutting my kids nails and will continue to do so for our new baby due in December…I am just too scared! If I had the Buzz B, I may be more willing to cut nails….maybe you will too!

It is an expensive investment ($25) for only 2 years of use but it can be helpful for yourself or a great gift to a new parent.