Nap Nanny Chill – RECALLED!!

Recalled again!!

After the Generation 1 Nap Nanny went through a voluntary recall in July 2010, the Generation 2 Nap Nanny came onto the market and

then the Nap Nanny Chill was introduced as an even safer recliner. The Nap Nanny Chill is a portable recliner designed to mimic the contours of a car seat (which most babies love) and the comfort of a baby blanket. The patented foam design is at a 30 degree angle for the body and 40 degree angle for the feet. The 3 point harness is attached at the foam base for added safety. The 3 pound bed is easy to take on the go or transport around the house. The soft, minky cover comes in many different colors, is waterproof (to protect the foam) and washable.  The cover is secured to the base by D rings so it cannot not slip off and pose as a safety hazard. The Nap Nanny has a long life, it can even be used for toddlers as long as it is used as indicated!

After the recall the Nap Nanny Chill has improved from the Generation 2 as it was made with higher walls that are slightly contoured inwards. Both the Generation 2 and the Chill are safe to use!

The Nap Nanny is NOT meant to be placed in a crib or on any raised surface – the floor and away from any vertical surfaces is the safest and best option.

The biggest downside to the Nap Nanny is the price, it runs for $129.99.