Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow

The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow designed by lactation consultants and medical professionals is a unique pillow designed to fit around the front of the mother without the need of zippers, buckles or straps. The pillow does not wrap around the mother as in the other mainstream nursing pillows so it is smaller and more versatile – can be worn to feed in the football position. The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow lifts the baby up for a more relaxed feeding by easing your own back, neck and shoulders. The raised outside edge of the pillow rolls baby towards the mother to allow for a belly to belly fit which is a more natural feeding position. It also is safer than the rounded pillows because the contours prevents your baby from rolling off the pillow (you do not have to hold the baby with your hands). An additional benefit to this pillow is that anyone (dad, sibling etc) can easily hold the baby in their lap with this pillow. The foam pillow is soft and comfortable but more firm than other nursing pillows. The 100% cotton,  removable cover come in many different colors and patterns to suit your needs.