3 Sprout Storage Bins

With a new baby, you will accumulate so many baby supplies, toys, clothes and gear that organization is essential. The 3 Sprout Storage Bins are a fun and cute way to keep baby toys, books or clothes off the floor and tidy. These stylish animal bins are made from 100% organic cotton with each animal made from eco-spun felt (recycled plastic bottles). They are large (17.5 inches high and 17 inch diameter), durable and fold easily if you want to store them away. But really why would you not want to use them?

The bins come in 8 playful colors with animals: navy elephant, pink elephant, red fox, purple hippo, yellow monkey and brown owl, grey raccoon and black and white zebra.


  • The bins do not have lids so it can look messy with random toys, dirty laundry strewn inside.
  • If the bins are not full and have soft toys/clothes, they can flop over.
  • The large size hides toys so kids may dump everything to find the one thing they are looking for.
  • They are expensive at $38 each.