Elective C-Sections

More and more hospitals around the country are banning elective c-sections and inductions prior to 39 weeks. Many women ask to schedule a c-section or induction so they can plan the birth around their personal lives. In recent years c-sections have been on the rise, they account for 32% of births in the country. Many hospitals are now intent on reversing that number and banning elective c-sections and inductions prior to 39 weeks. If it is necessary for the health of the baby or mother to have an early c-section or induction then hospitals are still doing it but if not then moms will now have to wait till at least 39 weeks. The baby is significantly more developed at 39 weeks than at 36 weeks.

For those of you pregnant women who are having a tough last month or pregnancy, hang in there and realize that your baby will be much better off inside rather than coming out too early.