Baby Name Trends for 2012

The baby naming trend for 2012 is in for a major change next year. Names have a lot of power but they also can have a lot of originality and people are seeing the value of that.

According to Nameberry, here are the hottest trends for 2012 names:

  1. Modern hero names – ex. Monroe as in Marilyn Monroe
  2. Same but different names – ex. Alivia instead of Olivia
  3. Fierce names – ex. Bear, Fox, Wilder
  4. Western sounding names – ex. Wyatt, Colt
  5. “A” names – ex. Acacia, Archer
  6. “M” names – ex. May, Micah
  7. Adjective names – ex. Sunny, Happy
  8. “Betty” – Betty White made the name cool again
  9. New connectors – new middle names such as Wren or Bee instead of Ann or Lee
  10. Evil grandpa – ex. Arlo after Arlo Givens from “Justified”
  11. “-ley” names – ex. Huxley, Ridley – becoming so popular to end any first syllable with “ley” that it may be on its way out
  12. Vintage nicknames that end in “ie” – ex. Hattie, Nellie – morphed into “y” ending but is now going back into”ie” ending