Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifer

With cold and flu season here to stay, sick days may be coming your way. The Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Humidifiers are cute, whimsical animal shape humidifiers that actually work. This humidifer has received good reviews for the fact that it is “whisper quiet” (occasionally makes a gurgling noise when on the highest setting), inexpensive ($50), compact and effective. The bad side of the humidifer is that it tends to break down easily and it may produce white dust from the minerals in the water. The humidifer releases up to 2.1 gallons of water per day, enough to fill a 250 square foot room and has a 1 gallon water tank. The mist output can be adjusted but there is no humidistat to check the level. The humidifer is easy to set up and does not release heat so it is safe for kids. The unit can run for 24 hours, has an automatic turn off feature when water runs out. It does not require filters to keep clean (can buy one if you have hard water) but there are extra cleaning kits and filters you can buy if you use the humidifier often. If you need a humidifier this cold season, you and are your child will love these fun ones!

Crane also makes a line of Drop (cone shaped) colorful humidifiers.