Podee Convert-a-Bottle System

Picture this…you are driving by yourself and you have a screaming, hungry baby. Your baby is too young to hold a bottle so now what do you do? Stop and feed your baby or let your baby cry until you get to your destination. Neither of the two chioces are ideal so the solution to this scenario is the Podee Convert-a-Bottle. This BPA-free bottle is a hands-free system that allows your baby to drink their milk without your help. It allows for upright feeding which reduces the risk of gas build-up, colic and ear infections. The way it works is by 2 tubes that connect the nipple to the bottle. A short tube goes into the bottle and connects to an adapter piece at the cap. Then a longer, flexible tube connects the cap to the nipple. The baby simply sucks through the nipple and they get their milk. With the Podee, there is no need to prop the bottle up with a blanket and worry about the bottle falling. The system can also be used with an older baby with the short tube connecting into the adapter piece which attaches to the nipple. This also allows your older baby to drink without tilting the bottle up. The Podee is great for on the go, twins, multiples, special needs and older babies who are not holding their bottle. It is best to use the Podee when your baby has head control or when sitting upright.

The convenience of the Podee does lend to a few downsides:

  • 9 piece system which means a lot of cleaning.
  • Vent under lid which allows for proper sucking so if the bottle is tipped then liquid spills out.
Podee makes 2 accessories for the Convert-a-Bottle system:
  • Bottle insulator – insulates bottle but can also be clipped onto a car seat or stroller
  • Plush lamb bottle holder so your baby can hug the lamb while drinking